We are a vertically-integrated multifamily investment platform that provides all aspects of acquisition, construction, and management in-house.  We focus on value-add opportunities in strong working-class communities, improving infrastructures and creating safe environments for our residents.

Strengthening Communities

and Yielding Strong Returns

Multifamily Investment Platform

Vision & Beyond seeks to identify off-market multifamily transactions that allow for value enhancement in strong markets that meet our criteria for growth and stability providing for a solid exit opportunity.

Value-add Physical Improvements

Through our wholly owned subsidiaries we procure, in bulk, building materials and supplies and perform our own construction improvements. The result is a superior finished product at below competitive pricing and on an accelerated schedule. This allows management to increase rental rates and drive overall investments yields while providing tenants a greater value for their housing dollars.

Asset Management

With our own management and construction professionals based people embedded in each market in which we operate, we ensure our assets and our tenant’s needs are well looked after by local team members.

What We Do

Direct Oversight at Every Step of the Process


Portfolio Value


Multifamily Units


Assets Over 100 Units


and Individual


Vision & Beyond has been fortunate to partner with a variety of both international and U.S. based  investors including hedge funds, private equity funds, individual and family investors. By creatively structuring  individual acquisitions we   allow our partners to invest in opportunities that maximize their individual needs.

Our Work
Selected Projects

How we do it

Business Strategy

TARGET OPPORTUNITIES to identify and acquire “distressed” assets with value-add potential.

Perform a comprehensive financial and physical examination and utilize results to devise effective strategy to REPOSITION and STABILIZE the asset.

Target GROWING SUBMARKETS that demonstrate favorable long-term resident demand and asset stability.

Accurately estimate all costs associated with renovations and operations to appropriately upgrade unit interiors and common areas, increase topline revenue and lower expenses.

Seek to INCREASE NOI by monitoring the market and imposing rent increases when possible while  increasing and maintain high occupancy rates.

Maximize value by increasing NOI and exiting only in the optimal market conditions.

A value-add approach

V&B’s experience in real estate redevelopment, property management, investment acquisitions, and investment financing and structuring allows us to identify and capitalize on opportunities.

Most importantly, we provide comprehensive services to its partner and investors, by shepherding transactions through the complexities of due diligence, design, entitlement, and project execution with complete confidence.

A dedicated “attention to detail” philosophy, coupled with a conservative underwriting approach, creates successful investments for our investors while delivering improved communities for our residents.

OUR MISSION is to deliver stable and consistent risk adjusted returns to our investors while providing housing dollar value and a safe environment to our residents.

Vision & Beyond is more than just a name – it ’s the philosophy that propels us forward. We aspire to recognize oppor tunities and challenges before they happen, and we are focused on technologies and innovations that will establish us as an industry leader.


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