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'We cannot stand to the side': Israeli NGO helps refugees in Ukraine

"...Authorities are reporting hundreds of casualties every day, and there is fear that Ukraine's lines of defense will be defeated. Until that happens, if at all, life in Kyiv goes on. Israel Hayom traveled to the Ukrainian capital as part of a delegation of 2141 Club, a social initiative of ex-IDF commanders aspiring to form Israel's future leadership.

""When the war broke out, we realized we could not stand to the side and began sending aid missions to refugees at border crossings," one of the founders of 2141 Club, Stas Grinberg, said.

Fellow founder Peter Gizunterman added, "This is the club's fifth delegation, and after our people spent hundreds of hours in the freezing cold in refugee camps and border crossings with Poland, this time we wanted to understand what the war looked like inside Ukraine.""

-Tamir Morag, Israel Hayom

Read the full article here.


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