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Vision & Beyond Provides Steady Manpower and Resources to Help the People of Ukraine

A principal value of responsibility is motivating Vision & Beyond's co-founders to send volunteers and supplies to their birth country since Russia attacked Ukraine in February.

Since the start of the war, Vision & Beyond has sponsored teams of seven people to volunteer at the Poland-Ukraine border each week to help refugees seeking safety. Vision & Beyond has provided assistance with immigration, helping Ukrainians seeking legal assistance to process immigration without documentation, and the company has also helped more than 125 people migrate from Ukraine to Israel to be with relatives who could provide shelter and further support.

Stas and Peter made their own journey to Ukraine in June to help refugees and meet with leaders to see how they could offer economic assistance and help with rebuilding efforts in the future. The executives had the pleasure of meeting with Andriy Sadovyi, the mayor of Lviv; Dennis Kudin, Ukraine's first deputy minister of economy; and Rabbi Moshe Asman, the lead rabbi of Kyiv.

The extreme summertime heat in Europe is also creating problems for temporary triage hospitals that are treating people with injuries related to the Russian attacks. Stas said it's critical that hospital environments stay cool to lessen the chance of infections and reduce blood flow. Vision & Beyond has partnered with Rabbi Asman to donate 50 AC units for temporary hospitals in Ukraine. The Vision & Beyond team is in discussions to donate additional AC units for use at first-responder sites.

Stas and Peter are also in early conversations with officials in Ukraine to develop a recovery fund to help small business owners in Southeast Ukraine, which has been devastated by Russian advances. Insurance is not a prevalent thing in Ukraine - both for property and commercial uses - and many small business owners could face significant hardship without some kind of assistance.

Interested in supporting Vision & Beyond's aid to Ukrainian refugees? Contact Stas Grinberg to learn how you can help.