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Vision & Beyond Executives Return to Israel to Serve in War

Updated: Jun 19

The war in Israel has no doubt created havoc and heartbreak for families all over Israel and around the world. Case in point: the war is affecting families in the United States, what with more than 23,000 Americans serving for the Israel Defense Forces - many of whom abruptly left their families and businesses after the horrific attack on October 7 to return home and fight for the people of Israel.


Vision & Beyond Capital Investments co-founders Stas Grinberg and Peter Gizunterman and six of their colleagues put work aside to urgently return to Israel and defend family and friends in the face of terror. Within 24 hours, many of the team members were already on the Gaza border and furiously working to free people in villages occupied by Hamas.


Grinberg is a combat officer in the IDF’s Armored Corps, the principal maneuvering corps that comprises more than 2200 main battle tanks. The Armored Corps is critical to Israeli military operations as the ground force that leads the way for the infantry on the front line, helping to clear the area of enemy troops.


Gizunterman is a combat officer and reserve major in the IDF’s paratroopers brigade, an elite part of the Israeli Ground Forces’ infantry Corps that has a history of carrying out special operations.


In all, Vision & Beyond’s active and reserve IDF officers served in battle in Gaza for more than three months, after which time they each safely returned to their respective home bases to tackle the business at hand – running and operating a multifamily investment firm with a portfolio value of more than $300 million and 3,100 multifamily units in Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, and Texas.


The terror attack on Israel on October 7 marks the deadliest assault against Jewish people since the Holocaust, with about 1,200 people killed and over 200 forcibly taken into Gaza. Terrorist organization Hamas released around 100 hostages in November but deals to free 129 remaining hostages have stalled.


To learn more about how you can support efforts to help people in Israel as they ensure ongoing terror attacks, please visit American Friends of Magen David Adom at



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